Acorn Fairy and Friend Altar /Shadowbox/Nightlight


Acorn Fairy with Friend Altar/ Shadow Box


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Acorn Fairy offers her shelter for your altar.  This deep shadow box has plenty of room for your special small objects.  The shadow box is fairly sturdy, but I wouldn’t put a 50 pound object in it.  It’s made more for your special small gemstones, photographs, or trinkets.  Inside the box are silk leaves, fake moss, and lichens.  An acorn garland decorates the inside and the bottom outside.

Acorn Fairy is totally handmade on a wire armature so she is pose-able, as well as her little friend/companion.  When you look closely you will see that Acorn Fairy is holding her friend with a leash.  In their world the leash is a symbol of their connection not of control.  The leash is held together with a magnetic clasp, so it is very easy to disconnect the leash.  Even Spirit Companions need spirit companions.

Tiny LED star lights are attached to the inside ceiling of the shadowbox, which easily turns the altar into a nightlight or ambient light for your special sanctuary space.  The lights are battery powered and the control box sits out of sight on top of the shadow box.  I use rechargeable batteries and recommend you do too.

Acorns, seeds from the mighty oak tree, are rich in symbolism and closely tied to Druids, as druid literally means “oak knowledge”.  Acorns have also been known to be “good luck” symbols.  The Acorn Fairy is here to guard your luck, assist in giving you strength, and remind you of your outstanding potential for prosperity, longevity, and spiritual growth.  Celtic and Nordic traditions honor the oak tree and it’s acorns.

There are many ways to display this altar/shadow box.  The box can be hung on the wall, or set on top of a table.  See photos for examples of some of the ways you can display the altar.

Dimensions 16″ x 20″ x 26″

A certificate of authentication comes with each Spirit Companion.

All Spirit Companion Dolls are carefully packed in a beautiful box.  FREE shipping within the United States.  Please send me a message to find out how much shipping costs for anywhere else.


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Weight 69 oz
Dimensions 16 × 20 × 26 in


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