Plant Spirit Beaded Necklace

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Beaded Necklace

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All beaded necklaces feature images from Lucretia’s paintings or drawings.  The image comes from a laser print that has been sealed onto a smooth glass cabochon, attached to facing and beaded with seed beads and various other glass beads, crystals, and gemstones.  I have dropped my necklaces in water before with no visible damage but I would not recommend wearing the necklace while swimming, bathing, or other water activities.

This beautiful feminine plant spirit wants you to know that the plant world loves you.  She invites you to play, laugh, and feel one with nature. Take a nature walk in your own backyard.  There are miracles happening in nature all the time, even in your own backyard, even if your yard is only a few feet by a few feet.  Since I no longer have 40 acres to explore and walk on, I walk around my yard, visiting the fruit trees, flowers, trees, birds, and insects.  Even though there isn’t much room to roam, I am delighted by something wonderful every time I take a walk.

The seed bead chain on this necklace hangs 9″ (each side) which puts the necklace near your heart.  Everyone is different so the necklace may hang closer to your throat. The glass cabochon measures 1″ x 2″ .  The clasp is a button clasp using a glass bead. It is not adjustable. The necklace is 14″ at its longest point.  The backing is a dark green soft leather.

Each beaded necklace comes with a small print of the artwork inside the glass cabochon.

Materials:  glass cabochons,laser print,seed beads,glass beads,leather,Lucite bead,Swarovski crystal flowers

The image used in this necklace is also a part of the Visionary HeartWork card deck. Learn more about the card deck here.



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