Signed First Edition Visionary HeartWork Cards Deck


Visionary HeartWork card deck – Heart messages spoken through Art


Introducing the Visionary HeartWork Cards Deck.  This first edition limited run of 100 decks comes with 46 cards, all featuring colorful, evocative, symbolic artwork from Lucretia Hatfield.  There are three suits in each deck: the Story suit, Goddess suit, and Plant Spirit suit, and additional suits may be added in the future.

The Story suit provides the entry into your card reading.  The Plant Spirits offer more information about the story, and the Goddesses provide support.  There is also a single wholeness card which holds space for the sacred center in each card layout. Each image has an entry in the guidebook with a Synopsis of the card’s meaning, an Action to enhance your life based on the card’s meaning, and an extended explanation of the image and its symbolism.

The images on these cards are transmissions for the heart intended to soothe the soul, and to suggest thoughts, ideas, and questions to support your journey of self-discovery. They invite you to explore a deeper awareness of what you believe and why you believe it. Allow the images and messages to suggest novel perspectives, understandings, and new paths that lead to your authentic self.

Lucretia has been channeling symbolic images for over 35 years.  The images come from oil paintings, gouache paintings, and colored pencil drawings, often digitally enhanced. The images emerge from a meditative state, unfolding as they are created.  To learn more about the artist, visit the About page.  Check out the few animated cards on my social media sites.

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Each deck blessed, shrink wrapped, and enclosed in a beautiful satin drawstring bag with the signed guidebook.

The cards are printed on 89mm x 146mm (3.5″ x 5.75″) 300 GSM card stock with a smooth matte finish.

Booklet language: English

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“Lucretia Hatfield has infused matter with spirit with her artwork, for her entire career. She has done that, again, with the Visionary HeartWork Cards. I have successfully used readings from these cards to change the subject matter of my nighttime dreams. And have had two synchronicities already with the readings.”

—Mary Hill, Meditation teacher in training with Culadasa, author of “The Mind Illuminated”, retired pharmacist


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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 7.4 × 5.4 × 1.2 in


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