Signed Original “Seed Pods” Pencil Drawing


“Seed Pods” Original Drawing

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Most of my art is an expression of the joy I feel in nature.  As a highly sensitive empath, my joy overflows and making art is how I’ve chosen to release the overflow.  Seed Pods of any kind are very cool!!  I love them as though they were little fairies.

Drawing is a meditation exercise for me and has been for many years.  Even though each drawing takes at least one hour, I have hundreds of them.  A lot of them are fairly small which means I can get wonderful high resolution scans.  Once I have a great scan, I no longer need to hang onto the original. I use the scanned images in creating other images or for offering prints.  Check out my Art Pal site…

It’s time to release some of these original drawings.  If you ever said, I can’t afford original art, you’re wrong.  If you can spend $25 or more at TJ Maxx, Home Goods, or any other discount store for a mass produced art print, then you can spend $25 and up for a signed original work of art.  What you get is an original work of art filled with intention, passion, and love, as well as the artist’s undying gratitude. You also help an artist take care of basic necessities such as paying rent, buying food, and continuing doing what the heart knows and loves to do.  What are you waiting for? Do the owners of the big box stores really need more of your hard earned income? Wouldn’t you like to have a love infused original work of art more than an empty mass produced image?

The signature you see on this page is computer generated.  The original will have my actual signature.

Size 5 5/8″ x 6 1/4″

Each drawing is enclosed in a clear plastic sleeve with a foam board or mat board backing.  It is shipped via USPS Priority mail envelope. Please contact me for shipping price if outside the US.




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