Sycamore Woodland Fairy

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OOAK Sycamore Fairy

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Welcome to the World Sycamore, the fairy creature who was born in the woods. Her head is a sycamore seed ball, decorated with rooster feathers and upcycled macrame bracelet featuring seeds. Her head, hands, and feet are hand sculpted out of professional quality polymer clay. Her bones are wire so she is pose-able, although you don’t want to bend her too often in the same spot because it can stress and break the wire. She can even stand on her own at times. Her outfit is made out of a super soft fabric. Her loyal pet, no name, (you get to name him), is also hand sculpted out of polymer clay. Sycamore gets tired of standing all the time, so she also comes with her own golden wire chair.

Sycamore is a representative of the Sycamore tree nation. She reminds you to take time to enjoy the trees you encounter in your everyday life. Even with such an important job, she is small enough to sit in your hands. She is 9 1/2″ at her tallest point including her headdress, and comes with her own special box. She is filled with more love than you would expect from such a small fairy creature.

Sycamore comes with a certificate of authentication and is packaged in a beautiful box ready for gifting to yourself or a loved one.


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