Visionary HeartWork Soul Paintings


Visionary Heart Personalized Painting

A painting channeled just for you.

Comes with reading and typed explanation of the embedded symbols and messages.

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Visionary HeartWork Soul Paintings are unique personalized paintings filled with symbolic heart messages channeled just for you.

This listing is for either one personalized painting on Watercolor Paper, or one personalized acrylic painting on wood panel or canvas, or one personalized oil painting on canvas or wood.

The works on paper range in size between 9″x12″ and 16″x20″.  The painting will be enclosed in a plastic sleeve with a press board or foam board backing.  FREE shipping within the US.  Please contact me if shipping elsewhere.

The acrylic or oil Paintings are done on wrap around canvas (no frame necessary) or Wood.  Size range is 12″x12″ up to 24″x36″.  When we have our initial interview, you can request a size.

FREE Shipping within the US.  Please contact us if shipping outside the US.

About Visionary HeartWork Soul Paintings

Blessed with a vivid imagination and a clear channel to what lies beyond the physical, I have made an intention to deliver whatever loving messages I can to myself and all those around me who are interested in receiving this gift.
A few years ago I decided to intentionally create paintings for specific people. The paintings I had done before had such wonderful messages for me, I wanted to see what kind of messages would come through for other people. After completing over 20 Visionary HeartWork Personalized Paintings, I can now say the experiment has been a huge success! (see photos for examples) Many loving messages were received and appreciated.
The completed one-of-a-kind image is like an oracle card in that it is an image filled with symbolic messages, and energetic transmissions.
How does this process work?
First you will meet with me, for a short 5-10 minute interview in person, Skype, by email, or by phone(my personal least favorite way to conduct the interview), whichever works best for you. The interview sets up an energetic connection between your higher self and my higher self, while also giving me a sense of what you are looking for at this time in your life. Size varies and when we have our initial interview, you can request a size.
Soon after the interview, I will set sacred space in my studio free from distractions. This begins an extended journey through my inner realms to receive images and messages from spirit specifically for you.
Similar to shamanic journeys, messages begin to come through in dream-like images. Many hours of focus are put into this journey from listening to spirit, to painting and or drawing, and studying the images. Then, I do research on the imagery and symbols that come through. I live in this journey for four to six weeks, sometimes longer (oil paintings take 3-5 months). When the piece is completed, I will contact you to schedule another appointment (by phone, video call, email, or in person) to reveal the messages that came through. You will also receive a 3-6 page copy of all the major points covered in the reading.
As an artist, I have been working in several different types of media for over 50 years.  My art has been shown in galleries and specialty shops all over the United States. Collectors have taken my wares to countries all over the world.


“I so enjoyed my reading with Lucretia and felt a strong connection to the images and messages in my SPV painting. I was very impressed with the details Lucretia conveyed in my reading, and to me, my painting feels almost like a living being guiding me into my future.”

K~ Colorado


“Lucretia’s Sacred Pathway Vision reading has been a very uplifting experience. The painting is not only artistically wonderful; it tapped into the symbols connected to my soul journey. The more I look at the painting, the more the symbols reveal their insight. The painting really makes me feel good! I love it!”

J.L. Maui, Hawaii


“Thank you so much for that incredibly powerful reading and painting. It was nothing short of miraculous!!!”
S.S. from Massachusetts

“Lucretia created a most inspiring painting and interpretation for me based on my desire to work with plants here on the island. She saw my connection to the plant world in complex ways even I had not been aware of and communicated that to me through her art and her words. There she expressed beautifully the deep energetic and spiritual forces joining me with the world of plants. Through the painting and reading I feel seen in both who I am manifesting now in the present and of the future positive contribution I may make by listening to and learning from the floral life which abounds in this verdant place. Lucretia sees with her heart and creates inspiration with that love.”

-V.F. Pahoa Hawaii


“Lucretia’s Visionary HeartWork Soul Painting speaks to the individual from a place of “their own” deep inner trust and knowing. The art work is magnificent and the channeling superb. They are and incredible gift to the self or another.”

M.O. Pahoa HI.


“Lucretia combines deep insight with vibrant, soulful artwork to create a psychic reading format that is compelling, revelatory, and absolutely unique. You are not left with vague memories & impressions of a rush of spoken words, but with both written and visual illustration of Rys’ insights. I would not hesitate to recommend the Sacred Pathway Vision experience to anyone seeking deeper self-knowledge.”

A.A. Massachusetts


“I’m very grateful for having received Lucretia  Hatfield’s Visionary HeartWork Soul Painting reading. Her channeled painting and words of wisdom have been like gentle yet powerful guides for shedding that which divides the self, thus allowing a deepening sense of fulfillment in the present moment.”

H.J. Hawaii


Pure Magic! That’s what Lucretia Hatfield shares. She makes art that transports you to a glorious world of Spirit and Beauty. I am SO fortunate to have her artwork gracing the walls in my home and healing center. Do yourself a favor and give yourself the gift of Visionary HeartWork! 

J.M. Maine


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Gouache Painting, Acrylic Painting, Oil Painting


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