Woodland Medicine Woman

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Spirit Companion Art Doll Sculpture

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This majestic Medicine Woman has evolved over many years.  She is a powerful protector, prayer keeper, and companion. She is attached to her piece of imaginary world, the wooden plaque.  Even though she does not move in her physical form, she is very mobile in her spirit form.  She holds the Shaman’s stone, selenite in one hand, and hangs onto a wooden staff with the other hand. Her hair comes from Alpacas, hat from partridge, pheasant, and rooster feathers.  Her nice and warm coat is made out of fake fur. She’s a kind and loving soul who wants to share her life with someone, as well as serve them in the shamanic realms.

Mixed media  14” x 22”

Some materials include, leather, polymer clay, air dry clay, beaded trim, ribbons, fake moss, feathers, seashells, coconut shell, alpaca fur, feathers

A certificate of authentication comes with each Spirit Companion.

All Spirit Companion Dolls are carefully packed in a beautiful box.

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