The Visionary HeartWork Cards Deck is a transmission for the heart intended to soothe the soul and suggest thoughts, ideas, and questions to support your journey of self-discovery. The images and accompanying guidebook invite you to explore a deeper awareness of what you believe and why you believe it, and suggest novel perspectives, understandings, and new paths to your authentic self.

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The Guidebook

For each card the guidebook provides:

  • a brief Synopsis of the card
  • an Action designed to guide you toward a deeper understanding of the card’s message
  • an Extended Description or story about the image

The Suits

The cards are organized into three main suits plus the Wholeness card. We hope to release additional suits in the future.

Wholeness Card

Include the Wholeness card at the center of every layout you create. This card holds space for the center of All That Is, which is your center. It is both a presence and a transmission.  

Story Suit

A reading typically begins with a Story card, which presents a symbolic story or message. Absorb the symbols in the image, read the card’s description in the booklet, and imagine how this story relates to your own life.

Plant Spirits Suit

The Plant Spirits offer more information from the natural world.  Drawing a card from the Plant Spirits suit will contribute additional symbols and information to your reading. Use it to help clarify and dive deeper into the personal meaning of your Story card.

Goddesses Suit

The Goddesses bring support to you in the particular story you are exploring.  Draw a card from the Goddess suit and allow its love and guidance wash over you.

The Basic Four-Card Layout

There are endless layouts you can create, but a basic layout is suggested here. To begin, you may want to focus on a particular question or issue you have, or simply focus on the intention to receive guidance on whatever is most apropos.

  • Start by placing the Wholeness card at the center. The Wholeness card represents fundamental underlying unity, and holds space for everything else.
  • Next draw one card from the Story suit. Allow the image to speak directly to your heart. Consult the card’s page in the guidebook for additional inspiration and interpretation.
  • Follow by drawing one card from the Plant Spirits suit, and allow the image and the guidebook text for the card to refine and expand on the ideas you received from your Story card.
  • Finally, draw one card from the Goddesses suit, and allow it to provide support, as well as further inform and clarify the developing message from your previous cards.

Above all, be creative and follow your heart. This deck is about getting to know your heart’s knowledge.  Your heart knows how to guide you.

About the Visionary HeartWork  Cards Deck

The Visionary HeartWork Cards Deck is the culmination of 25 years of my work and play.  I have been bringing symbolic, other-worldly imagery into this realm ever since I could hold a pencil or brush. While creating, I  journey to dreamlike inner realms and often receive communications along with visions.

These cards are communications for the heart, and transmit perspectives of reality that are very different from what we have generally been taught. Each image symbolizes a step in my healing journey back to the center of my soul. Their purpose here is to inspire you to awaken to your true magnificence and divinity.