Baboon Triangle Medicine Pouch

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The central focus of this medicine pouch is the Baboon. Baboons used to be popular pets in Egypt because they were adaptable to change and comfortable in almost all locations or situations. They are also social and excellent with communication skills.

Surrounding this triangle medicine pouch are small citrine beads. Citrine, a sun stone, is warming, balancing, energizing, and cleansing. Below the baboon you will see a teardrop piece of wood which represents a connection to trees and to the earth. Wood of course is grounding.
Triangles pointing down represents feminine energy, water (water flows downward in the direction of a triangle pointing down), and the grace of heaven. The triangle of this medicine bag is also the container and so the container is feminine and holds the grace of heaven.

The medicine in this pouch encourages adaptability, good communication skills, and a talent for social interaction. The feminine aspects support you in this direction. Citrine provides a balance to the feminine as it is a masculine stone. Wear this medicine pouch next time you need to be in social situations that require you to adapt and communicate clearly.

This medicine pouch is made of several types of leather and held together with small citrine stone rivets. The pouch is 4.25” x 3.75” and the brass chain is a little over 19” long. The pouch has two buttons at the top making it easy to open and close but secure enough to not lose any objects held inside the pouch.

Some materials in this pouch are…leather, buttons, citrine, seed beads, Peruvian Ceramic Baboon bead, wood bead, spiral charm, metal chain


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