“Dream Horsefly” Original Gouache Painting


Original Gouache Painting $47

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Horse Fly has some very interesting symbolism.  Wish I had looked at it right after completing the painting.  To tell the truth, I’m just now seeing horse fly in this image.  I create from a blank space with nothing in mind as I work.  Creating in this way allows my heart to express more than my mind.  The messages that come through in free flow expression always holds significant meanings for me and perhaps for you as well.

What I learned about the horse fly is that it is adaptable even while layers of self are revealed to show new and exciting potential.  Basically horse fly as a symbol reminds the viewer that change is coming.

It is painted with gouache paints on high quality watercolor paper.  It is shipped in a plastic sleeve and a chip board or foam board backing.

FREE shipping within US.  Please contact for price if outside US.

Size – 9″ x 9 1/4″



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