Koala Bear Holds the Key Medicine Pouch


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Koala Bear Holds the Key

Want to know the key to a happy life? Look at the medicine a Koala bear shares.
Koala bears have under active adrenals so they are laid back creatures by nature. They remind us to chill out, relax, and be calm. All is well. Plenty of time for bear hugs. The small trinkets and charms on this medicine pouch are symbols and ingredients that support a chill laid back lifestyle. There is a butterfly on the velvet ribbon cord that holds a space for transformation, and a small glass heart on the other side of the ribbon for love. Below the bear are moons for intuition, dreaming and a healthy inner life, spiral for evolving, leaves for nature, and Job’s tear seeds for health as Job’s tears have been used for medicinal purposes in many cultures. Wear this pouch for those times when you need a reminder to slow down, and give a loved one a hug.

The velvet ribbon this pouch hangs on is 17” long. Tie a knot in the ribbon to make it shorter. The pouch is 2.5” in diameter.

Some materials used in this are…leather, white suede, Peruvian Ceramic bead, metal charms, glass beads, velvet ribbon, shell leaves, seed beads, metal beads, Jobs tears seeds


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