Mermaid Spirit Medicine Pouch

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The portrait on this medicine pouch comes from a drawing I did years ago that I titled “Mermaid”. (See photos for full drawing) According to myths and stories, mermaids are great symbols of feminine power. As mothers of enchantment, mermaids are legendary for appearing only to the true of heart.

Other symbols that join the mermaid are sea turtle, butterfly, and fish. Sea turtles are very special to Hawaiians and once you have been face to face with one, you never forget it. They are amazing creatures that emit such pure love, you feel like you are looking into the face of God/dess.

According to Hawaiians, sea turtles symbolize longevity, good luck, humility, peace, and the spirit within. Fish are right there with the sea turtle and mermaid of course. Their domain is the water which is the symbol for the subconscious and the mysteries of the unknown. Water has also been known to be the womb symbol, giving fish a connection to the divine feminine and fertility.

The butterfly is an odd addition to this very watery medicine pouch but it wanted to be included. Butterflies are ambassadors for transformation. They remind us to keep the faith while we undergo major life changes.

Hanging above the sea turtle charm is a turquoise donut bead. Turquoise gives us strength, protection from harm, and enhances connection to the spirit realm.
Small blue lapis hearts line the bottom of the medicine pouch. Like Turquoise the blue lapis supports your connection to the spirit realm. Rose quartz heart is added for love and moonstone bead is added for deepening intuition.

This medicine pouch is filled with feminine power, support for spiritual connection, along with faith and strength while undergoing major life transformations.

The pouch is 2 ⅝” in diameter. The strap is made out of faux suede and is 17” long.

Some of the materials are…teal suede, black leather, glass cabochon with Lucretia’s art, glass beads, Lucite beads, rose quartz, moonstone, turquoise



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