Monkey Medicine Pouch

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Monkey Medicine Pouch $67

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When one observes monkeys in their natural social habitats, amazing depths of compassion, understanding, and bonding is what you will see.  They care about their communities, and they also know how to loudly, and boldly stand up for their own needs.  Monkeys are also playful and mischievous.

The image in the glass cabochon comes from one of Lucretia’s paintings.  The figure is a spirit guide that is associated with innocence, and child like awe.  She connects us to our natural creative abilities and urges.

Coral, citrine, lapis lazuli, moonstone, and turquoise beads contribute to the medicine in this pouch.  Citrine for sun energy and outward focus. Coral for ocean energy, fertility, protection, and spiritual awakening.  Moonstone for moon energy and tuning into intuition. Lapis lazuli for wisdom and truth.  Turquoise for freely flowing ideas and thoughts.

The pouch is 2.5″ X 6″  The strap is 19″ long and can be easily shortened by tying a knot at the end.

Other materials used in this pouch are deer suede, bone carved monkey, glass beads, seed beads, glass cabochon, and base metal jump rings.



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