OOAK Butterfly Fairy Headdress, Crown

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Butterfly Fairy Headdress/Crown $100 Free shipping in US

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Butterflies inspire us to transform and blossom into the gorgeous creatures we already are. This headdress was made to dress up your magical fairy self and invite you to dance through the big changes in your life. Relish in your own beauty as well as the beauty in the natural world.

There are no animal products such as fur, feathers. etc in this headdress. It is made of upcycled jewelry, crystals, seed beads, luxurious fabrics, and silk flowers.

All headdresses have an adjustable strap to fit most adult head sizes. (If you have a small head size and you want to make sure it fits, send me an email with your head/hat size (in inches.) These pieces are made to last and used for dancing and showing off your bright and beautiful self. A small amount of rain or water shouldn’t cause damage to this headdress, but to be on the safe side, keep it dry. Each headdress is packaged in a beautiful box for storage.

Spirit Companion Art dolls available on this website.

For more photos check out Iam Magnificent on Facebook.

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