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Card Layout

There are infinite card spreads available within the Visionary HeartWork deck.  To give you some basic structure in learning your card deck, here are some suggested formats.

There are 4 suits in this card deck.  One of the suits is one card. It is the “Wholeness” card and it holds space for all that is.  It is simply a presence.

I like to draw cards from all suits leaving the backs face up until all the cards have been selected.  Then I turn the cards over either all at once or by suit. Choose what works best for you.

For this card spread, let’s select two “Story” cards, two “Goddess” cards, and two “Plant Spirit” cards.  If by the end of the reading, you need more clarity and information, pull a couple more “Story” cards. There is a reason why the “Story” suit is the largest.

With the “Wholeness” card in the center, place a “Story” card on each side of the “Wholeness” card.  Then place two “Goddess” cards underneath the “Story” cards. Place one “Plant Spirit” card above the “Wholeness” card and one beneath the “Wholeness” card.  Now, basically you have a circle with the “Wholeness” card in the center.

The “Story” suit holds the cards that begin your story.  This is the suit I would start with. You can draw one card or ten, although in this application more is not necessarily better.  The more story cards you pull, the more potential that your message will get diluted. I find that one to three “Story” cards usually shares a cohesive story.

As you contemplate how the “Story” cards are related to each other, take in their meanings as how they relate to what is on your mind in the moment.  Often there will be something going on in your life that is related to the story that is unfolding for you. For example, a friend of mine was having many bad dreams.  She decided to do a card spread before bed and voila, she pulled the “Dreamcatcher” card. Not all synchronicities are that obvious. Also, sometimes the full story doesn’t make sense until you see the second card.

After you have taken in the “Story” cards, move on to the “Goddess” cards.  Under each “Story” card you have laid out a “Goddess” card. The goddesses in your reading provide support for the story that is unfolding.  On the right of the “Wholeness” card, you have a “Goddess” card. Her job is to support the story card on the right. Same is true for the left.

The “Plant Spirit” cards offer how nature intelligence can inform you regarding your story.  The top “plant Spirit” card relates to the top “Story” and “Goddess” cards and the bottom “Plant Spirit”  relates to the bottom “Story” and “Goddess” cards.

As I got to know the card deck myself, this was the structure that most works for me.  Give it a try and feel free to share any feedback you have.


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