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Ghost Net Project

Not long ago an artist friend told me about a show she was organizing at the Elisabeth Jones Art Center in the Pearl District in Portland.  First of all ghost nets are the left over nets and ropes fishermen can no longer use.  It ends up being a tremendous amount of waste and landfill material.  My friend, Emily Miller, gathered a large amount of the ghost nets and invited artists to use their creativity in giving new life to this material.  Emily makes beautiful functional baskets out of the materials.

As soon as I saw the material, I knew that I would make wearable art out of it.  Actually, backing up a little bit, Emily asked if I could create a costume for her and one other lovely lady for a performance they were going to do at the opening of the show.  I made some crowns, of course, then some necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and huge belts.  The belts weren’t as successful as the other pieces.  I also made a couple of staffs using some gorgeous oyster shells.

The project evolved and I ended up making several headdresses.  The EJ Art Center invited me to host a Magical Mermaid Playshop in conjunction with the Portland Mermaid parade that happens in July.

The projects that the other artist made were spectacular, not to mention the entire installation.  Each time I went into the gallery, I got to see more wonderful creativity on display.  You can see and learn more at

It’s been a busy and fulfilling time.  Now that this project is nearing its completion, I can move on to packing up to move…yet again.  All is well!

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