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Learning by Doing

Featured Image – Diving In – mixed media

I find that learning by doing gets the education inside of your body.  When you practice a musical instrument for years and years, one day your hands move more fluidly.  Riffs you always dreamed of doing suddenly become easy. Your body knows what to do and does it. There’s no stress, no tension, just music flowing through your body.

Nowadays I ask that I be completely supported in this work, financially, physically, and emotionally.  My situation doesn’t feel great if I’m focused on the future, or compare myself to others.   When I look from the perspective of the present moment, my life is a series of gorgeous miracles.  I am totally supported with a comfortable place to live, art supplies, space, and time to do what I love most. The difficulties that arise in my world always bring me wisdom, and healing.  The place I go to when creating is unconditional love. That place deserves a new word, something with a lot of l’s u’s and ss’s. Perhaps there is one.


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