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Featured Image- Candy – gouache painting

Rejection is a part of being an artist.  Why is that so?  It’s because we live in the world of duality.  Either you’re accepted or rejected.  What if each side is the same from a different point of  view.  In my observation, there is usually equally positive and negative experiences when rejected or accepted.  I once wanted to get into a very cool Vermont gallery.  Due to amazing synchronicities, that gallery called me!  They took some of my art, displayed it in a not very visible space for one month.  I got no sales and that was that.  I was out.  Many times after being rejected by a gallery I really wanted my work in, other better opportunities would open up.

I  was recently rejected for a show I really, really, really wanted to get into.  About a year ago, I discovered a gallery I thought would finally be a great venue for my unusual art.  Part of my journey as a unique artist is “trying to find” where my art belongs.  Much like everything else in our culture, galleries are divided into havens for certain styles that cater to certain audiences.  Since they are out to make money, their primary concern is going to be pulling in buyers.  But, that’s a whole other story.

When I finally got up the courage to read the email about whether I got into the show or not, and read that I was rejected, I noticed that my first reaction was relief.  Relief! Really?  Then I realized that what I was really feeling was that feeling I used to get when an infatuation with a person crumbled.  Until the infatuation looses steam, there is a powerful driving need to get the object of the infatuation to notice me, feed me, and answer my desires.  The feeling is unpleasant, and unempowered.

Once rejected from the source of infatuation, there is an opportunity to release myself from an obsession.  There is also surrender.  When I was able to ground and center again after reading the gallery email, and this time it was pretty fast, I remembered that I’ve been asking my guides for guidance.  One thing that pleases me more than success is clarity.  Being a Gemini, having a clear path and focus is a true blessing.  I’m often scattered or paralyzed due to all the many pathways I see open to me.

When I checked in with how I really felt, I realized that the gallery I had been dreaming about getting into doesn’t really fit my work after all.  The gallery has a definite focus and my work is loosely related to that focus.  Do I really want to mold and shape my creative expression to “fit into” a genre just so I can find an audience?  Does it really work if I’m then changing my authentic expression?  If I was talking about infatuation with a person, would I want to make myself different just to please that person?  NO.  Been there, done that.  It’s an empty, unfulfilling pathway.  It doesn’t serve me or anybody else.

So, what’s next now that the restraints have been removed.  I’m free to explore my most authentic self expression again.  Freedom is back.

I  just want to add too that this time, the rejection blow was cushioned by a few positive artistic experiences.  Just like I said above, acceptance, or rejection has both positive and negative outcomes from the perspective of non duality.  A different gallery is interested in my work.  This place has a different focus.  We shall see if it’s a good fit or not.  Right now, this opportunity feels more like a guidance than a “need”.   Also, I made a blessed sale.  Those are the best.  Blessed sales are those where the exchange is easy, and the recipient totally sees and appreciates my work.


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