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About Visionary HeartWork Cards and Paintings

There’s a lot to say about the Visionary HeartWork deck.  This seems like as good a spot as any.

Each image has a story, journey, and set of emotions for me.  So, the deck is totally personal. One of the reasons why it works so well for me is that it is also archetypal.  That’s how I learn best. I learn through pictures, movies, experiences, and stories.

These cards represent my inner realm family.  They speak to me as though they are separate entities, and I also hold an awareness that they are me.  That’s what so fascinating about imagination. We have the power through our imaginations to develop complex or simple inner worlds.  These inner places can hold your most treasured parts with kindness, respect, and infinite love. They can also reveal unspeakable hurts, attacks, and violence.  Awareness is an amazing tool.

The more one understands the depths within, the more one can choose how to perceive life.   Perception is what controls the emotions. If you see your glass as half empty, then you’re always coming from a space of need.  When the glass is full, then you’re in gratitude. Gratitude uplifts the spirit, releases strain on the body, and changes your outlook.

The plant spirits are a large part of my inner and outer family.  I can connect with them from my imagination and empathic, intuitive nature, or I can connect with them through my body and my senses.  Both are valuable to me. Oh yeah, experiencing plants through my inner and outer experiences, is really awesome!

The Goddesses are present in this initial offering because their support in this endeavor was completely necessary for me.

We are all on a deeply personal journey whether we know it or not.  How can I have any judgement towards other people’s journeys? I can’t possibly know what their experience is.  I couldn’t possibly know what is best for someone else.

The relationship with yourself is where you can find an amazing amount of tools.  You can uncover why you’re stuck in situations. You can uncover why there isn’t more love in your life.  You can also uncover why you deserve beyond your wildest dreams. As you awaken to the ugly bits, which are usually there only because they’re unconscious, a new understanding of compassion comes rolling in.  Instead of wanting to yell at that person for doing something that pisses you off, you see someone suffering and feeling stuck in an unempowered place. Then you find yourself not wanting to yell but wanting to lessen their load.

What I can share is a new way to find clarity from within.  Clarity is power. I support you in finding clarity for yourself.  Only you can know when you’ve found it. Clarity could also be called guidance.  Whether you believe the guidance is from the outer realms or the inner realms, find that solid place from within yourself that is quiet, yet firm.

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